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In Memory

One day he was fine and the next he had a head tilt and his gait was stilted. All emergency care was given…He had an MRI, which showed multiple brain stem and upper spine lesions. He had a spinal fluid tap, which revealed that he had brain cancer. He went downhill rapidly at the hospital. He could not maintain his temperature, balance or breathing as these areas were affected. This all took place within 48 hrs. The worst 48 hrs. of his life and mine. He was unresponsive and on oxygen. Still praying there was hope, I spoke to him and his heart rate increased 5 points. It was very low. He still had no eye or body movement. I hope that he knew I was with him in the end. I would never leave him. My best friend stopped breathing shortly after I spoke to him… CPR was given to no avail. His heart still beating… I put the love of my life down. He was always healthy until those last 48 hrs.

These pictures were taken 7 months before he died.

Some day he will be waiting for me at the gate.

The gate with streets paved with gold…