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Pet Nanny Plus, LLC - Professional Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services - Lehigh Valley, PA

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"Nanny" is the perfect name for Marilyn. Our Callie is a very shy sheltie who, as soon as she hears "Nanny" open the garage door, runs to the door to shower her with kisses and tail wags. We feel totally confident that Callie is getting the best care possible and enjoying every minute of her time with "Nanny". Even when we work from home, we still have "Nanny" come in for that extra dose of TLC that she gives so well. We have also found her to be very knowledgable about many aspects of pet care. - Elaine C. - (Wescosville, PA)

Pet Nanny Plus, LLC began caring for our two older Portuguese Water Dogs, Samson and Tessa, nearly five years ago. Her knowledge of their medical needs was extremely helpful as they began to decline, and her supportive presence helped us through the dying process. Nanny has cared for our three year old Cockapoo, Guinness, since he became a part of our family as a puppy. The highlight of his day is when Nanny comes through the door. Not only will he get a walk and playtime, but hugs and kisses too. One could not hope for a better caregiver than Marilyn O'Brien of Pet Nanny Plus, LLC. - Jane F. - (Allentown, PA)

"Nanny" as our Staffordshire Terrier mix, Riley knows her, is wonderful and Riley absolutely loves her! I have to admit that I was a bit nervous letting a stranger into my home to help care for my dog while I was away at work, but from the moment my husband and I met Nanny, we just felt comfortable. There is something soothing, calm, and assertive about Nanny and all my reservations went right out the window upon meeting her. She came to our home and did a consultation to cover all questions and expectations on both her end and ours. Nanny is very caring, informative, reliable, and dedicated. She loves Riley and enjoys her time with her, and Riley loves her in return. Nanny is extremely informative and offers numerous journal articles, magazines, and discussions on important dog issues such as health, training, and nutrition. Nanny has helped us in ensuring that Riley is balanced, obedient, and loved. Nanny is always at our home when she says she is going to be and she gives lengthy notice if she is going to need a day off. She is wonderful with communication and leaves us daily notes on Riley's progress and areas of concern, if applicable. Since Nanny has come into our lives, it is a joy to come home to a happy puppy and no messes in the crate! Nanny has made excellent referrals about appropriate collars, and puppy training courses to aid with training and socilization. Nanny is very passionate about what she does and we are more than overjoyed to have her in our lives, and most importantly, Riley's life!
- Danae & Ryan M. - (Macungie, PA)

Dear Marilyn, I received beautiful flowers a few moments ago from you, how very thoughtful and kind of you to think of me during this trying time. Missing my dear Susie has brought on a tremendous loss in my daily life. I also miss having you do the little but most grateful things for me, i.e. bringing in the newspaper, garbage cans and having someone come in and out of my home. It is so empty. Today you truly touched my heart with these flowers and you are a loving, caring person, you are truly amazing. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, it really lifted my spirits knowing someone else cares about me and my dear Susie. I am sure you miss her for her daily walks. I cannot wait until she is home again. - J.R. - (Macungie, PA)

Dear Marilyn, We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us. You have played such an intricate part in helping Cassie feel comfortable in her new home. It was always easier leaving my "Little Rescue" everyday knowing that "Nanny" would be there in a few hours. Cassie truly is a blessing. Chris and I could not have asked for a better pet. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such good care of her. - Pam & Chris S. - (Macungie, PA)

Pet Nanny Plus - Certified Pet Nanny in the Lehogh ValleyI wanted to acknowledge the efforts of Marilyn O'Brien, owner of Pet Nanny Plus dog walking/pet sitting service in Allentown. She conducted a pet food drive this month to benefit the Lehigh County Humane Society. In the course of my Christmas light travels, I mentioned a couple of displays that were collecting pet food to benefit local shelters. It's nice to remember our companion animals at this time of year, particularly since the economy has put a strain on some people's ability to care for them. O'Brien wrote, "I wanted you to know that 1,074 pounds of dog & cat food has been donated. My husband and I delivered the food to the shelter Dec. 23, 2009. "There was an outpouring of giving for this drive. I had two drop-off points, one being Bethany Church, Brookside Rd. Allentown and the other was Macungie Animal Hospital. One of my clients helped collect pet food from her department at Lehigh University, another client gave me $250 and said to get pet food in honor of her 3-year-old rescued German shepherd, Susie. "Many neighbors, clients, church members and people I didn't even know made this drive a huge success. I thank them all. Woof, Woof, Meow!"
- Bill White - Blog

One of my most treasured possessions is the framed set of photographs of our sweet Vizsla girl, Rosie, taken before she died (way too soon) a few years ago. In addition two beautiful portraits of Rosie with the sun shining through her pink ears, some how Marilyn got her to sit quietly next to her brother, our Wheaten Terrier, Bogie, and pose for the camera. The result was a wonderful series of photos that we now enjoy every day. "Nanny" still takes care of Bogie every week and he really enjoys his walks and playtime with her. We now have a male Vizsla, Levi who also joins Nanny and Bogie on walks. It is so clear that Marilyn loves the pets she cares for. It is easy to entrust her with our furry children. She is also very knowledgeable about pet health and training. Thank you, Marilyn, for all that you do for our pets and our peace of mind! - SK